About the Contracts to be an Official Product.


At MAngaNIA, we are thinking to make contracts with popular cooperated products.
From this contract we would have “payment” for the member and also have help publishing and translating the product.

Qualifications for the Contract You would be creating and releasing the product through MAngaNIA.
Nothing is required such as profetional skill, age, gender, experience. However we would prioritize cooperated products.
We would be scouting from the popular products we spotted or the winner of the contests.
*We would be expanding the chance to apply for the contract.
Payment/ Fee 3,000yen ~ 10,000yen / per page
Serialization Weekly / Alternate Weekly / Monthly
*We would discuss to choose either of it, when we make the contract.
Pages More than 10 pages per post.
Posting date We would discuss the date when we make contracts.
Revenue Share We would share the revenue, earned by publishing or releasing through each media.

List of the Contract Works

  • べにはくちゃん
  • THE導光隊
  • 悲観少年
  • 緑の魔法使い
  • 白の絵日記
  • ファンタスチック・カオス